Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course Review: My Honest Opinion 

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Are you contemplating starting an Etsy printables business and want to know how? Then you might want to check out this Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course Review to give you a clear idea. 

I enrolled in the Gold City Ventures E-printables course in November 2022. 

Then I opened my first Etsy shop in December 2022 and got my first sale in January 2023.  

When I first heard a “cha-ching” on my phone, I was thrilled that I made my first sale! 

Well, it was not that much, but in that first sale, I have proven that people are willing to buy printables. I was feeling happy and hopeful. 

Investing in courses like these can be nerve-wracking, especially on the money you need to shed. I’ve been there.  

However, if you want to succeed at something, you need to learn from the people who made it. By this, you commit less error and have a higher chance of success. 

So in this post, I will give you an overview of the E-Printable Course and my honest opinion based on my experience as a student. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started. 


Printables are digital files like PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, etc., or templates that your customers buy, download, and then print at home or use digitally.  

Some examples of printables are checklists, calendars, planners, journals, trackers, games, etc.  

Selling digital products is a good passive income source as you create the product once and you can sell it over and over again. 

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Gold City Ventures founded by Julie Berninger and Cody Berman aims to help people launch profitable Etsy businesses that offer printables online. 

Julie makes over $1,000 a month from her Etsy company, The Swag Elephant.  

She loves selling on Etsy because it allows her flexibility as a toddler mom.  

She even made over $10,000 after taking six months off Etsy to move cross-country in a single year!  

Cody, a digital nomad, began selling printables in 2018. And after making more than $700 in a single week, he got hooked and never looked back.  

He left his corporate job in 2019 to focus full-time on his entrepreneurial endeavors.  


E-printables course is the flagship course being offered by Gold City Ventures. 

Majority of their students create printable businesses on Etsy from scratch with no prior experience.  

Some of them are crushing it, earning 5 and 6 figures a month. You can check out their student testimonials here

Both Julie and Cody had no prior experience in graphic design when they were starting and began with free resources too.  In this course, they’ll also teach you how to use them to launch your business. 



Once you enroll in the E-printable course, you will gain access to their entire course with Free Bonuses. I will discuss the bonuses later.  

Here is the breakdown of each module: 

Module 1: Getting Started 

This module is an introduction to the course creators and their community/ group experts and gives you an overview of what you will learn. 

Module 2: What Should You Sell?  

The lessons in this module will give you a background on what printables are, some printable ideas to sell on Etsy, and more. 

Module 3: Getting Started Making Printables  

In this module, they will teach you the heads up on how to start making printables, and also discusses the commercial use of fonts and graphics, the do’s and don’ts when selling printables and link to the Etsy seller handbook.  

Module 4: Canva Overview  

This module gives you an overview of Canva and its features, it’s a free (with paid subscription) graphic design tool that you will use to make printables. 

Module 5: How to Make Printables in Canva  

The lessons in this module teaches you how to make printables in Canva and learn it using their templates as guides.   

Module 6: How to Make Canva Templates 

This module will teach you how to make editable Canva templates that you can sell and which product is good to use these templates. 

Module 7: Creating Editable Printables with Corj 

In this module, they will discuss about Corj, another platform for creating editable printables. It allows customers to personalize and edit their designs. They include tutorials on how to use it and talked about products that are good for this platform. 

Module 8: Packaging Your Printable 

This module will explain how you can package your printables for sale as well as best practices (quality, sizes, pricing, etc.). 

Module 9: Making Listing Images 

These lessons will show you how to make good listing images, which is very important because this is what a person sees when they search on Etsy for a product. These are the images (like thumbnail) that catches your buyer to click on your printable listing. 

Module 10: Listing Your Product 

The lessons in this module discusses common questions when opening an Etsy shop, how to open your Etsy shop, how to list your product, pricing, how to construct your titles and tags, how you design your shop, and more. 

Quick note: In 2024, Etsy introduces a $15 one-time set-up fee to open your Etsy shop. This fee helps Etsy keep spammers off the platform. Read the announcement HERE

Module 11: Keyword Research 

This module teaches how to look for potential printable products using keyword research. They will teach you how to find products that could sell and all other Etsy SEO. For me, this is one of the important part of the course. 

Module 12: Marketing and Advertising 

These lessons discuss how to promote and market your shop using Pinterest, Etsy Ads, coupons, sales and more. 

Module 13: Optimizing Your Shop 

This module teaches you how to optimize your shop to improve your sales, avoiding common mistakes for new sellers, how to stand out among the competition and see success. 

Module 14: Etsy Sellers App 

This module discusses the Etsy sellers’ app, how to see all your sales, page views, where traffic is coming from, and which listings are getting traffic and more. 

It is good to note that the course is being updated regularly as they need to add or delete some lessons to keep the course materials relevant. So, the modules given here might be a bit different at the time of your purchase.  

If you want to learn more, you can check out their free workshop.  



After you enroll in the course, you will also receive a 30-day free trial in our VIP Membership that starts immediately after purchase.  

This includes two key resources: 1) The VIP Membership Vault and 2) The VIP Facebook Group. 

The VIP Membership Vault includes… 

  • 100+ bonus videos including guest interviews, technical training, and advanced strategies 
  • 5 NEW free commercial use template packs each month 
  • Behind the scenes with 6- and 7-figure sellers 
  • … and all the resources you need to take your shop to the next level 

The VIP Facebook Group they… 

  • Host live Q&A, strategy sessions, and virtual meetups 
  • Help you with graphic design to make your products look even more amazing 
  • Provide you with daily access to 3 paid Group experts who have thousands of sales on Etsy each 
  • Answer all of your questions and respond to your requests for shop feedback 
  • Run fun weekly challenges & “share a win” threads to celebrate your successes 
  • Give away prizes like Etsy gift cards and free templates 


After taking the course, I can say that I learned so much.  

These are the things I like about the course. 

Their strategy works perfectly. 

They teach you all that you need to know from starting an Etsy printable business until you succeed.  

Each lesson is packed with valuable information. Their video tutorials, tips, and explanations are clear.  

Also, the examples and templates they provide help you in getting the main thought. 

They’ve done it themselves so, I believe that is enough proof that their strategies really works. 

You can also tell it from the successful students that have taken this course. 

Discusses the legal stuff. 

This business has some legal aspects that, if you don’t know the regulations, could lead your shop to be suspended permanently. 

The E-Printables course teaches you how to follow instructions from the beginning to save you from these headaches.  

Probability of success. 

Since they teach you the step of each process, there’s a huge probability of success.  

You will see that some of their students are making 5 and 6 figures a month, coupled with knowledge from this course and their hard work. 

The VIP Membership Bonuses are great! 

The advanced lessons are a great addition to the course.  

The free templates provided each month are also a plus since they put the trending printables for the coming months. 

Even the Facebook group is super helpful when I feel stuck on my journey.  

I remembered when I opened my shop, it got suspended after a week. I panicked because I thought I made a mistake somewhere. 

Then I posted my question in the FB community, and I found out that it happens to most of the new sellers, so I felt relieved.  

After a week, my shop was reinstated, and made my first sale in January 2023. 

Whenever I have questions, I can get answers from the community. You can feel the sense of camaraderie in the group. 

Lifetime and future updates access. 

Lifetime access is a plus to me. Of course, there are times that I want to refresh what I learned on certain topics, so I can go back to the course.  

Another plus for me is that they make regular updates and maintenance on the course to ensure that the course remains relevant and up to date to keep up with the market.  

Provide templates to start your shop right away. 

They provide you with printable ideas and walk you through the process of finding more winning (low competition) ideas.  
So, if you are like me that struggles with creativity, you don’t have to generate ideas on the spot.  

Provide tools that are free and paid (optional).  

They give you the option to use free and paid tools to make printables.  

Since the founder didn’t use paid tools in the beginning, they would also recommend the same to their students.  

However, if you plan to level up your game and make this a full-time business, you have to level up your skills so you can stand out from your competition. 

That is why they also give you paid tools to do that.

Course flexibility. 

Since this course is only so it is self-paced, allowing you to study at your own convenience and progress through the material according to your schedule.  

You can also skip some topics that you may know or go back to it all over again.  

This flexibility accommodates busy lifestyles and diverse learning preferences. 


Overall, I like this course as it helps me understand the whole process of the printable business on Etsy.  

However, there are just some downsides that I would like to mention and here are the following: 

The course is pricier than many competing courses (but it’s worth the price). 

I know that $247 is not a small amount, however, if you are serious about making an e-printable business, I believe that this course will benefit you.  

For me, the price is worth it as it gives you a higher chance of success once you have applied what you’ve learned and coupled it with hard work.  

There are no transcriptions on the videos.  

Although it’s not a big deal, this will be a great addition to the course.  

Because there are times that you want to read the transcriptions while watching it to better understand it. 

The VIP Membership Vault is limited to 30 days after purchasing the course.

I know that I told you that it’s one thing I love about the course. However, it would be more beneficial if they would start the VIP trial or the advanced training after completing the main course and setting up your store.  


Here are some tips I would like to share to make the most out of the E-printables course: 

  • Follow along during the tutorials and take notes of the tips they share as you go. 
  • Start your shop as you follow the module, so you would have a first-hand experience and raise up your questions in the FB Group. 
  • Take advantage of the Bonuses in FB group and Vault. 
  • Be prepared to work hard when you are starting out, but also be ready to reap the rewards for years to come. 


For me, the course is all worth it.  

I was able to start my printables shop on Etsy using their strategies and earn passive income selling digital products.  

Compared to other similar courses, the E-Printable Course stands out for its depth and comprehensiveness in starting an Etsy printables business.  

It got everything you need to know about E-printables business or side-hustle from start to finish – making, listing, selling and promoting digital products.  

About those asking about the return on investment, it will depend on your learning curve. 

If you are new to this kind of business, of course it will take you some time to consume all the content compared to someone familiar with it. Therefore, it will take time to take off. 

However, Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course have a strategy that you could earn quickly. And that is their seasonal product strategy.  

This free Seasonal Product Secret eBook outlines their seasonal trends strategy including all the tools and resources you need so you can make your first sale even if you’re a new shop.  

Also, I would like to mention that just like any business, Etsy printables will be a great side-hustle or business if you enjoy being creative and solving your customers’ problems.  



If you’re still thinking on whether starting an Etsy printables side hustle is the right path for you, I recommend checking out this free printables workshop.  

This workshop will give you some insights and might show you the right direction. From there, you’ll be better equipped to decide on your next steps.  


If you are ready to start your e-printables business, you can check out the below link.

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