15 Best Places to Hide Money Around Your House

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In this post, we will discuss the best places to hide money around your house, because there will be times when we need immediate cash for emergencies without going out of the house.

However, it’s crucial to keep your cash secure from theft or loss.

We will explore some of the best places to hide money at your home, ensuring it remains accessible to you and protected from prying eyes.


Before we discuss the best places to hide money in your house, it is good to know some important things to remember when hiding your cash.

  • always remember where you kept your money.
  • make sure a loved one knows where you’ve hidden money.
  • avoid hiding money in your master bedroom. This is the number one place where you never want to hide any valuables, as it is one of the common hiding places where people store cash and valuable items. As a result, it is one of the first rooms a thief will go to.
  • find places in your house where it is difficult to get to because thieves want to be in and out of your house quickly.
  • spread it out around your house so that if a burglar finds some cash, it will not all be your cash emergency.
  • Don’t keep large amounts in your house. It is still wise to keep money in the bank.


1. Cereal box

Burglars aren’t likely to look for money in your pantry unless they’re hungry (hahaha).

What you’ll need: cereal box (empty or with expired cereals)

How to do it: Put your cash into the cereal box and place it together with the other pantry items.

2. Sanitary napkin

A pack of sanitary napkins is also perfect for hiding some money from burglars.

What you’ll need: sanitary napkin

How to do it: Take out a sanitary napkin and open it carefully. You don’t want to destroy the pack. Now, take your money and put it inside the pad. After you have folded it a few times, close the package and put it back in the big package. Nobody will think that there is money inside.

3. Book/ Bookshelves

If you have a library or a bookshelf, this could be a perfect hiding spot for your money.

What you’ll need: book, glue, cutter

How to do it: Get a book. Then mark a rectangle inside the book, preferably the size of the money. Use a cutter/knife to cut out several pages at a time. Then you’re going to use super glue to line the inside of the cutout. Let this sit for a little while. Place it among other books on your shelf for added camouflage. This makes a great hiding spot for your money.

Alternatively, you can just stash your cash inside the book, scattered on different pages.

4. Under Drawer

Consider creating a false bottom in one of your drawers, such as a dresser or desk drawer.

This hidden compartment can be an effective way to conceal cash, especially if it’s in a less obvious location within your home.

What you’ll need: envelope or zip bag, tape

How to do it: Find a drawer, whether it’s in your dresser, the kitchen, or elsewhere around your house. Grab an envelope/ zip bag and then some tape.  And you can just tape that envelope under the drawer, preferably far down, where no one ever looks. And then it’s out of sight and out of mind for a hiding place.

5. Hole punch

This next hiding place, burglars will not likely look into, a hole punch.

What you’ll need: hole punch

How to do it: Grab some money, fold it up a bit, and open the hole punch. Put the money inside and close the whole thing again. This way you have your money safely stored and you can even use the hole punch normally.

6. Fake plants

Burglars will not suspect that you keep cash on fake plants.

What you need: fake plastic plants

How to do it: Remove the fake plants from their pots. They are easy to pull apart and they have a nice little storage area right inside. You can place your cash or other small items like keys inside. When you put them back in place, no one can tell what’s there.

7. Behind Wall Decorations or Mirrors

Large wall art or mirrors can serve as clever concealment spots for your cash.

What you need: envelope or zip bag, tape

How to do it: Just like in hiding your money under the drawer, you can also do the same here. Tape an envelope of money to the back of a mirror, picture frame, wall clock, or other wall decorations.

8. Luggage or Suitcases

Unused luggage or suitcases can double as hiding places for cash. Thieves are unlikely to rummage through personal luggage during a break-in.

What you need: luggage or suitcase

How to do it: Place your money in a zippered pouch or pocket within the luggage and store it in a closet or under the bed.

9. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys that are displayed can also be the best place to hide your money around your house.

What you’ll need: stuffed animals

How to do it: Fold your cash and create a small opening in the stuffed animal. Then place the cash inside and close the opening. Put it together with all other stuffed toys to make it a perfect hiding place.

10. Decoy Locations

Decoy locations can be an effective strategy to mislead potential thieves, diverting attention away from your actual hiding spots.

What you’ll need: None

How to do it: Simply place a small amount of cash in visible but less secure locations around your house. This could include a piggy bank on a shelf or a jar labeled “emergency funds” in plain sight. By creating these decoy locations, you can deter thieves while safeguarding your main stash.

11. Outdoor Spaces

Utilizing outdoor areas for hiding cash can add an extra layer of security, especially for homeowners with gardens or yards.

What you’ll need: Waterproof containers

How to do it: Choose discreet locations in your outdoor space, such as buried containers in the garden or backyard. Ensure the containers are waterproof and well-hidden to protect the cash from environmental factors and potential discovery.

12. Home Safe

Investing in a home safe provides a secure storage solution for larger sums of cash and valuable items.

What you’ll need: Home safe

How to do it: Select a home safe that is fireproof and securely bolted to the floor or wall. Store your cash and other valuables inside the safe and keep the combination or key in a secure location known only to trusted individuals.

13. High Shelves

High shelves offer strategic hiding spots that are less likely to be accessed by casual thieves.

What you’ll need: None

How to do it: Place your cash on high shelves in closets or storage areas, making it difficult for thieves to reach. Be cautious not to position items too high that retrieval becomes challenging.

14. Inside Electronics

Hiding cash inside electronic devices can be a creative yet functional method of concealment.

What you’ll need: Old electronic devices

How to do it: Hollow out an old electronic device, such as a DVD player or gaming console, to create a hidden compartment for cash. Ensure the functionality of the device remains intact while concealing the cash inside. This method is best suited for non-functional electronics to avoid accidental discovery during use.

15. Old Shoe

An old shoe can serve as a clever and inconspicuous hiding spot for your cash.

What you’ll need: Old shoe

How to do it: Select an old shoe that you no longer use but is still in decent condition. Begin by folding your cash into a compact shape. Then, carefully slide the folded cash into the toe area or underneath the insole of the shoe. Ensure the cash is well-hidden and won’t easily fall out during movement. Place the shoe in a closet or storage area, blending it in with other footwear to maintain its disguise. This method utilizes an everyday item for discreet storage, keeping your cash safe from prying eyes.


At the end of the day, finding places around your house to hide money is a smart move.

You never know when you need access to fast cash and having a decent amount at home is convenient.

But the downside is it could get stolen, lost, forgotten about, or even burned in a fire.

While hiding money around your house can provide peace of mind, it’s essential to exercise caution and discretion.

Avoid obvious hiding spots like the master bedroom. Keep a detailed record of where you’ve hidden your money to prevent forgetting or losing track of it. Additionally, let your loved ones know where you kept the money.

So make sure you take the proper steps to limit any of these losses with your money.

Remember, the goal is not just to hide your money but to ensure it remains safe and accessible in any situation.


1. Which of these places will you choose to hide your money?

2. Do you have any other ideas where it is safe to hide money? Please comment down below.

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